Art Classes at The Country Studio with Artist Sandra Mac Donald

All Classes are FULL at the moment. You can check with me for upcoming availability.

Tues. am open classes start January, 2018 @ 9:00 am
Wed. am open classes start January, 2018 @ 9:30 am
WINTER REMINDER: When school is cancelled art classes are cancelled

Ever wondered if you could paint?  I offer art classes in oil and acrylic. I am able to guide you to find your style through structured exercises, experimentation and “happy mistakes”!  Students work on projects they choose, including subject matter and size.  New students can join any time there is an opening.

You will learn at your own pace with instruction as needed.  Classes are small, allowing time for individual attention.

A relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere in a bright and airy studio with students at various skill levels develops a delightful ambiance that promotes relaxation and creativity.

Learn the Basics:

  • Sketching: the right pencils, paper, erasers, measurement to use;
  • Perspective: the art of making objects recede and give depth to the image;
  • Colours: colour mixing, complimentary colours, warm and cold colours, the importance of colour temperature;
  • Underpainting: its importance, which colours to use and why;
  • Creating reality from fantasy – the illusion of distance;
  • Brushes: sizes, styles and brush techniques;
  • Glazing and layering;
  • Composition: creating your own world using a photo;
  • Mixed media;
  • Styles: pointillism, expressionism, impressionism and more;

The importance of laughter and camaraderie at work and play.

Can’t wait to see everyone !!